Baby Steps


Goal setting.

Having your best year ever.

These are lots of the topics I saw trending as 2020 drew to a close. I expect you did too.

There’s nothing wrong with making a plan for the upcoming year, especially given how challenging the last one was. But a lot of the people I work with felt daunted by laying out goals for 2021, especially given nobody really knows what’s in store.

And let’s face it. How often do resolutions really stick for most people?

So can we try a different perspective?

Let me ask you this.

What does your ideal life look like?

For some people that means the flexibility to set their own schedule, working for themselves, or spending more time with family.

For many, it just means living more comfortably.

Maybe you’ve never asked yourself what your ideal life looks like, so let’s take a step back and start small.

Close your eyes and explore your ideal day, from waking up until settling in for the night. What does that day look like? How does it feel?

From there, look ahead and visualize 6 months or a year down the road. Where are you? What have you accomplished? How do you feel?

It’s okay to *not* have your 2021 roadmap laid out, but you can plot a new course by taking intentional baby steps toward your ideal vision. It could be as small as changing what time you wake up in the morning, or what you have for breakfast.

Exciting, right?

If you’re interested in getting clear on architecting an existence you control, let’s talk.

And happy new year.

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